Describes the build settings and meta data of a single package.

This structure contains the effective build settings and dependencies for the selected build platform. This structure is most useful for displaying information about a package in an IDE. Use TargetDescription instead when writing a build-tool.

struct PackageDescription {
string path;
string name;
Version version_;
string description;
string homepage;
string[] authors;
string copyright;
string license;
string[] dependencies;
bool active;
string configuration;
TargetType targetType;
string targetPath;
string targetName;
string targetFileName;
string workingDirectory;
string mainSourceFile;
string[] dflags;
string[] lflags;
string[] libs;
string[] copyFiles;
string[] extraDependencyFiles;
string[] versions;
string[] debugVersions;
string[] importPaths;
string[] stringImportPaths;
string[] preGenerateCommands;
string[] postGenerateCommands;
string[] preBuildCommands;
string[] postBuildCommands;
string[] preRunCommands;
string[] postRunCommands;
BuildRequirement[] buildRequirements;
BuildOption[] options;
SourceFileDescription[] files;